Every employee at Brandon Regional Hospital has the power to affect the quality of patient care, whether you have direct contact with patients or work behind the scenes to keep the hospital running smoothly.

We recognize and honor those employees who make a difference - employees who demonstrate exceptional service, teamwork, compassion and dedication to the hospital and the people we serve.

Laurie Van Damme, RN

Laurie Van Damme, RN

Labor & Delivery

Laurie has the reputation of being:

  • amazing
  • approachable
  • compassionate
  • considerate
  • cool-headed
  • dedicated
  • efficient
  • fair
  • great
  • helpful
  • knowledgeable
  • outgoing
  • professional
  • supportive
  • team-player
  • wonderful

And that’s just in her work life. In her personal life, she is committed to her church helping orphans and the elderly. As a single parent, she has sacrificed many personal hours to the families of hospital patients that have experienced the loss of an infant. She created Brandon Regional’s first Bereavement Program, which includes a beautiful keepsake video of the baby for the family, a caring pamphlet explaining the grief process, as well as an annual Remembrance Ceremony held in the baby’s honor.

Laurie is not only the Brandon Regional Hospital award recipient but also the national award recipient from all the HCA facilities. This is such an honor for Laurie as well as our hospital. Laurie is the first national winner at Brandon Regional Hospital and within the West Florida Division.

Congratulations, Laurie, as Frist Humanitarian (Employee) Award recipient - locally and nationally!

Blas Monje

Blas Monje

Purchasing Coordinator, Pharmacy

Blas is an asset to the Pharmacy and hospital. He is constantly reviewing the inventory to ensure that an adequate supply is on hand. He maintains records and communicates what has to be ordered, what was ordered or why an order was not received. Blas is resourceful when a medication needs to be borrowed or loaned. He trains the staff on the Acudose and does most of the troubleshooting when problems arise. Blas is very easy to work with and makes each individual feel special.

Congratulations, Blas, as the Employee of the Year recipient!

Imelda Babiera, RN

Imelda Babiera, RN

Medical/Surgical Unit

Imelda is always quick with a smile and a positive attitude. She is a strong preceptor with emphasis on the basics and keeping it simple so as not to confuse the issues. She is a motivator for the staff. Imelda consistently displays behavior that enhances the public image of the organization as evidenced by professional care of patients and courteous behavior toward the public and co-workers. Imelda fosters a sense of team work and collaboration in the department. She demonstrates a thorough knowledge of work practices and performs well in stressful situations. Imelda provides leadership to accomplish the goals of the department.

Congratulations, Imelda, as the Nurse of the Year recipient!

Tim Humberson

Tim Humberson

Auxiliary President

For years Tim has been an active member of our h2u group and recently became involved in the Brandon Hospital Auxiliary to the point of obsession. He seems to be here a minimum of five days a week, working harder than most working people. The Golden Years have become more of a full-time volunteer basis than what was originally planned.

The reality is that Tim just can’t stop leading people - it’s in his blood! He is a leader that people naturally want to follow, because of his tremendous work ethic. His dedication to the patients of the hospital makes him seemingly unstoppable. His co-workers say that he is a caring, dedicated and exceptional hard worker.

When there is personal free time, he uses it to assist sending deaf children to camp every year. Recently, Tim received a standing ovation from the Marketing Department for all the hard work that he does every day in honor of the hospital.

Congratulations, Tim, as the Frist Humanitarian (Volunteer) Award recipient!

Jill Benford, RN

Jill Benford, RN

Cardiovascular Services Director

Jill is charismatic, passionate and consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty to drive high-quality patient care.

She embodies the characteristics of this award by fostering teamwork, communication and collaboration across departments and between colleagues and physicians as demonstrated by consistently achieving high employee, physician and patient satisfaction scores. It is quite common for even one of our more challenging physicians to pay Jill a compliment for a job well done, even pulling a senior team member aside to acknowledge her for her effort and fortitude.

Jill persists in raising the performance of our organization. She is always looking for, suggesting, and implementing ways we can do better across Brandon Regional. She not only has a strong clinical acumen, but is an exceptional teacher and mentor. She shares her gifts with others and has a knack for describing complex clinical processes to an “average Joe.” She is a person with tenacity. She is absolutely committed to “getting the job done” and does so with a positive attitude. She is dedicated and accountable and certainly incorporates “play” in her work. Her laugh is contagious and frequent and is held in high esteem by the employees, colleagues, physicians, and senior team members.

Jill is recognized for her numerous contributions to our facility, and her inspiration to patients and employees alike. As one of the true “daughters” of the organization, we are proud of her and all of her accomplishments as she has grown up with and through the ranks of the hospital over the last twenty-some odd years.

Congratulations, Jill, as the Leadership of the Year award recipient!