Breast health center in Brandon, Florida

Early detection is vital in the fight against breast cancer. At The Breast Center inside Brandon Regional Hospital, we are known for top-tier breast care through our advanced imaging capabilities, diagnostic testing and treatment options.

Our caring staff is by your side during yearly mammograms and, if breast cancer is detected, we are here to walk you through every step of treatment and recovery.

To schedule your screening mammogram, please call (866) 463-7001.

The Breast Center's amenities

At The Breast Center, we make every effort to create a positive patient experience through quality services and focused care. When you visit us, you have access to:

  • Our breast care coordinator, a registered nurse who provides:
    • Complete nursing assessment and support
    • Scheduling for appointments and consultations
    • Assistance with coordinating providers and procedures
    • Ongoing education and disease information
    • Assistance in identifying support resources
  • Assistance acquiring previous mammogram films
  • Breast cushions to reduce discomfort during compression
  • Comfortable robes and slippers

Breast care services

Advanced breast imaging is a key component of our hospital's comprehensive imaging services. We know the importance of detecting breast cancer early, and we are here to support the women in our community through breast cancer screening and diagnostic testing.

Our breast services, one area of our women's care, include:

  • 3D mammography—This type of mammogram takes multiple pictures of the breast from different angles to produce a 3D image of the breast.
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)—This form of breast imaging uses MRI technology to detect the presence of breast cancer or other breast abnormalities. Breast MRI may be used as an additional screening tool or to assess the extent of the disease following a breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Breast ultrasound—This imaging exam uses sound waves to view the internal structures of the breast. It is often used to visualize a breast lump or abnormality felt during a physical breast exam.
  • Digital breast localization—This procedure allows for a needle to be inserted prior to breast surgery to mark the location of a breast abnormality for the surgeon.
  • Digital stereotactic breast biopsy—This is a non-invasive technique used to gather a sample of breast tissue for diagnostic testing by a pathologist.

Benefits of 3D mammography

3D mammography has become the ideal imaging procedure to detect breast abnormalities in women 50 years old and younger or women with dense breast tissue who may be at a higher risk for developing breast cancer. 3D mammography offers several advantages over traditional mammography, including:

  • Faster image acquisition
  • High image quality with the ability to enhance and manipulate images for further evaluation
  • Secure digital image storage with the ability to print on film
  • Shorter exam times

Breast cancer screening guidelines

Best practices in screening for breast cancer vary from person to person based on a range of personal and genetic factors. However, most women should follow these guidelines:

  • Begin monthly self-breast exams at 20 years old
  • Begin yearly clinical breast exams by your physician at 20 years old
  • Begin yearly mammograms in addition to your self-breast exams and clinical breast exams at 40 years old
  • Consider a yearly breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in addition to a yearly mammogram for women at a high risk for breast cancer

Abnormal mammogram results

If an abnormality is detected on your mammogram, we are by your side to get quick results and reduce your anxiety. We are committed to providing answers fast to decrease the time between detection and diagnosis.

You will typically be notified of your screening results within 48 hours if there is an abnormality. Your physician will be contacted immediately with your results for further review.

We also offer additional services in diagnosing breast cancer through digital stereotactic breast biopsy and digital breast localization.

Digital stereotactic breast biopsy

A digital stereotactic breast biopsy is an alternate option to a surgical biopsy that is less painful and minimally invasive. A stereotactic biopsy obtains a tissue sample using a vacuum-assisted device and requires the insertion of a small sampling probe. The system gathers multiple samples to accurately identify the presence of early-stage breast cancer.

Digital stereotactic breast biopsy offers less internal scarring compared to an open, surgical biopsy, which makes viewing breast abnormalities easier on future mammograms.

At the beginning of the procedure, X-rays will be taken to ensure the correct positioning of the breast from several different angles. These images are used to assist the computer in determining the exact position of the biopsy needle. The physician will then position the needle and inject a local anesthetic into the breast.

Once the area is numb, the biopsy needle will be inserted and another set of X-rays will be taken to confirm proper needle placement. After placement is confirmed, the sample will be taken, and the X-ray's compression paddles will be released. Pressure will be applied to the biopsy site to prevent bleeding, and a dressing will be applied to wear home. Stereotactic biopsies are performed on an outpatient basis and last about one hour.

The biopsy will be sent to our hospital's pathologists who will review the sample and send a report to the referring physician within 72 hours.

Digital breast localization

A digital breast localization is a procedure that locates a specific area in the breast prior to surgically removing the tissue. The procedure is used to guide your surgeon to the localized area on the day of surgery.

Digital breast localization is performed on an outpatient basis and requires at least 45 minutes to complete. The procedure does require the use of local anesthesia.

At the beginning of the procedure, your breast will be compressed and an X-ray will be taken to confirm the area of abnormality is positioned correctly. A local anesthetic is then injected into the breast.

Once the area is numb, the needle and guide wire will be inserted into the breast. X-rays will be taken to ensure the proper placement of the needle. Once the positioning is confirmed, the compression will be released and the needle, or guide wire, will remain in place until your scheduled surgery.

Coming to the hospital for your breast biopsy or localization

Brandon Regional Hospital's Breast Biopsy Suite is located on the first floor of the hospital in the Radiology Department. On the day of your biopsy, you may park in the South Parking Garage and report to the admitting/registration desk in Tower A one hour before your scheduled appointment.

Breast surgery

If you require a surgical consultation, we have breast surgeons on staff and available within 48 hours of receiving a physician referral.

If breast cancer is diagnosed, we are here to get you through treatment and into recovery. Breast surgery focuses on removing cancerous tissue from the breast, which can be accomplished through several procedures, including:

  • Lumpectomy—This surgery removes only the cancerous portion of the breast and conserves the rest of the healthy breast tissue.
  • Single mastectomy—This surgery removes all breast tissue in a single breast.
  • Double mastectomy—This surgery removes all breast tissue in both breasts.

Following breast surgery, we offer breast reconstruction surgery to help restore the feel and look of the breasts. Talk to your breast surgeon about your reconstructive options.