Advanced Wound and Plastic Surgery Center

Advanced Wound and Plastic Surgery Center is an outpatient center that provides comprehensive care to patients suffering from chronic wounds using the latest techniques and procedures—all in one convenient location. Our wound center is located in Brandon, Florida and is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of caring professionals with advanced training in wound care.

Advanced Wound and Plastic Surgery Center is conveniently located on the Brandon Regional Hospital campus, and can be accessed through the main hospital entrance.

To learn more about our wound care program, make an appointment or refer a patient, please call us at (813) 916-1205.

Types of Wounds We Treat

Some of the services we offer and wounds we treat include:

Skin and Soft Tissue


Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection

Necrotizing Fasciitis

Reconstructive Surgery

Breast (all)

Head and Neck Trauma & Oncology


Cancer Reconstruction

Skin Cancer/Mohs Reconstruction

Hand and Extremity Reconstruction

Lower Extremity Reconstruction

Abdominal Wall and Ventral Hernia

Chest Wall and Sternum

All Wound Reconstruction

Lymphedema Reconstruction

Peripheral Nerve

Carpal Tunnel

Hands and Extremity

Complex/Traumatic Injuries

Crush Injuries


Peripheral Nerve


Free Tissue Transfer


Maxillo-Facial Trauma

Scalp Reconstruction

Complex Mid Face or Nasal Reconstruction

Chronic Wounds and Amputation

At the Advanced Wound and Plastic Surgery Center, we do everything in our power to prevent the need for amputation. Chronic wounds, often ones that are a symptom of diabetes, can lead to the need for amputation as a result of poor circulation, infection, neuropathy and more. Our integrated approach to limb preservation helps reduce the number of amputations needed as a result of diabetic complications.