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Jennifer Bradley

Kerri Futrell

August 19, 2011

This letter is in reference to the da Vinci Hysterectomy that I had on June 7th, 2011. My procedure was performed at Brandon Regional Medical Center. I had to stay one night at the hospital and the facility staff was absolutely wonderful and highly recommended.

I Choose Brandon Regional Hospital for my da Vinci Surgery

This surgery has been one of the best choices I have ever made, and several of my friends are now envious at how well I feel. The surgery is minimal, no large or long cuts, no unusual feelings in the pelvic region, and I was able to walk from day one. I did throw myself into work before my two weeks with permission from my Doctor. It feels wonderful and I feel like a new person without all the gynecological problems. I would not have waited another day to move forward in this choice.

Also, my surgeon is one of the best doctors I have met and can't say enough superb comments about his professionalism, character, bed side manners, kindness, expertise, desire and enthusiasm in his profession to help people. He honestly is a special individual and I thank God that I was lucky to have him perform my procedure and further follow-up appointments as needed. I hope that my story has helped in some way and you will make an informed decision.

Lynn Florian


I moved to Florida 10 years ago. It was not until two years ago that I found a physician I really liked and trusted. In 2011, I was having a lot of pain in my lower stomach area. Tests were performed but did not really show anything. I even had my appendix removed in June and still there was no relief from the pain and cramps. Exploratory surgery was performed in July and and the cause of the pain was still not detected. I opted to have a hysterectomy at age 51.

I am very pleased with choosing Brandon and Women's Care in Brandon.

I was very comfortable making the decision after discussing my options with my physician, Dr. Stanton. I had a tram flap (tissue procedure that uses muscle, fat and skin from the abdomen to create a new breast mound after amastectomy) after surviving breast cancer in 1996. I was mostly concerned about being cut where all the mesh was from the tram flap. Needless to say I feel I made the right decision going with Dr. Stanton. While removing my uterus, she found a large tumor growing off my uterus. I was so relieved and the care I got at Brandon Regional Hospital was wonderful. I am very pleased with choosing Brandon and Women's Care in Brandon. I have had about 25 surgereis in my lifetime and I believe I could speak from experience. I would recommend her.

Wendy Majetich

Dr. Stanton with Tampa Bay Women's Care in Brandon is truly a compassionate and highly educated professional. On my first visit, I was in pain and very emotional after other doctors had brushed my symptoms aside. Dr. Stanton listened and assured me that she would help because I had been in pain for too long.

Dr. Stanton has helped me feel like a completely new woman.

She immediately ordered tests to accurately diagnose my problem. I returned to her office when all of my test results were ready. Dr. Stanton took her time and made sure that I understood all of the results before discussing my options for treatment. I was presented with papers outlining the possible complications as well as the benefits of my options. She not only went over all of this information with me, but also gave me time to ask as many questions as I needed to help with my decision for treatment. I was also told that I could call her office at any time if I had any more questions later. Ultimately, we both agreed that a hysterectomy would be the best option for me.

Dr. Stanton introduced me to the DaVinci robotic surgery which is a more precise, less invasive procedure. Dr. Stanton has had extensive training and is certified for this type of procedure which proves that she strives for the best for her patients. Brandon Regional Hospital is one of a few facilities with this technology. I had a wonderful experience at this hospital with a caring, friendly and attentive staff.

Dr. Stanton spoke with my husband soon after my surgery and visited my bedside the very next day. I always felt she had a deep concern for my well being from my very first visit throughout all of my subsequent visits. The healing process went by much quicker than expected and the scarring is minimal. I believe it takes a very skilled doctor to produce results like mine. Dr. Stanton has helped me feel like a completely new woman.

Kristi Gimball

Kristi Gimball, the first patient to have this surgery at Brandon Regional Hospital. Her comment less than three days after surgery.

I had one small incision with very little bruising. I am not in a lot of pain and I'm already back to cooking dinner.