A NEW Pediatric ER for your family’s emergencies.

Tailored exclusively for young patients, the Pediatric Emergency center provides advanced pediatric emergency care for kids of all ages.

Some of the features of the Pediatric ER include:

  • Dedicated Pediatric ER entrance (separate from adults)
  • 16 private rooms
  • Physicians and staff who are experts in pediatric emergency care
  • “No Cry Zone” concept that focuses on reducing anxiety and pain for kids in the ER

“No Cry Zone”

Our goal is to make your child’s ER experience as painless as possible. That’s why we have implemented the “No Cry Zone” concept in our hospital. We work to make sure that we reduce anxiety and pain for all of the kids who come to our pediatric ER.

Some of the features of the “No Cry Zone” include:

  • Pain management using a variety of medications to ease child’s pain and anxiety related to injury
  • Painless IV’s using a needleless technology to deliver local anesthesia
  • Certified child life specialist who utilizes iPads, bubbles and games to distract and comfort kids during procedures
Our Pediatric ER is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to care for your family’s emergencies.