Your emergency room visit

What to expect as an emergency center patient

Upon arrival to the ER, you will be met by a staff member and directed to the appropriate person to receive service. During your visit, you may be evaluated and treated by either a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner. These mid-level providers have advanced education and training in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of multiple medical conditions.

You will be interviewed by the triage nurse and placed in the first available examination room. If you require blood work and/or X-rays, this will be carried out by the staff member caring for you after orders have been written on your chart by the attending physician. Keep in mind that laboratory and X-ray tests will increase your total waiting time. Every effort will be made to keep you informed regarding the estimated times for these reports.

Licensed and certified by the state, these medical providers are under the direct supervision of the physician in the emergency room.

We take your care very seriously, even if your wait is longer than expected. We apologize for any inconvenience, but must treat the critically ill and injured first. Even if your wait time is long, the quality of medical care you receive will still be of the highest standards.

After your care is complete, and before you leave, your physician and/or nurse will give you discharge instructions and medication prescriptions (if applicable). It is our goal to offer you quality, compassionate care.

How does the Emergency Center medical staff determine when I will be seen by a physician?

We follow a triage system. Triaging helps us rapidly and safely determine which patients need to be seen as a priority and which can safely wait for care. Several patients may arrive at the same time with varying severity of physical concerns. As you would expect, patients whose conditions are considered the most serious will be seen first.

What type of information will the ER staff require?

  • Your name, age and date of birth
  • Reason for your visit to the emergency room
  • Your driver's license or other identification

This information is used to start setting up your hospital medical record.

Can someone be with me while I am in the treatment room?

Yes, you may have visitors in the emergency room with you. They must display a visitor's pass, which we will provide. There are times when we may ask your visitors to remain in the reception area. These requests are made for your privacy as well as for the privacy of our other patients. We may also make this request during the times when members of our medical staff need to give you additional care. Your visitors should feel free to ask a nurse about you whenever they feel anxious or concerned.

How long should I expect my treatment to take?

We work hard to serve everyone but we must prioritize and use our resources appropriately and effectively. Your wait time will depend on the following:

  • The severity of your illness or injury
  • The types of tests you need in order for our medical staff to provide the best quality of care
  • How long it takes to get test results back
  • The amount of patients in the various treatment areas of the hospital at the time of your visit
  • The severity of other patients’ illnesses and injuries

Once your treatment is complete, the physician will prepare discharge paperwork so you can leave. Your nurse will give you written instructions on how to care for yourself when you get home, prescriptions if applicable, and what follow-up treatment you may need.

Will I have to be admitted to the hospital?

You will only need to stay in the hospital if the physician feels additional care is required or if they want to keep an eye on you for a while (observation). When this is the case, the Emergency Center at Plant City will contact the Brandon Regional Hospital to have you admitted. If admitted, ambulance transportation to Brandon Regional Hospital will be provided.