Pediatrician/Obstetrician Rounds

Generally, physicians make rounds every morning. If you wish to be discharged in the early morning, please tell your nurse so that she may inform your physician. A Utilization Management nurse may be consulted to ensure a complete discharge plan.

Pediatrician Selection

During the hospital stay, the baby's care will be provided by our Nursery staff under the direction of a pediatrician. Please select your pediatrician well in advance of your due date. If you are a member of a health plan, you may wish to contact your insurer for a listing of approved providers. To assist you with the selection of a pediatrician, a listing of Pediatricians is included in the Baby Suites packet.

Infant Feeding Times

Breastfeeding infants are encouraged to nurse at least every three to four hours. Those on formula are to be fed at least every three to four hours. Parents of the newborn are encouraged to feed the baby; a nurse may be called upon for assistance, if necessary. The hospital offers a lactation consultant to assist breastfeeding mothers.

Enrolling Baby in A Health Care Plan

Many managed care plans have strict requirements for enrolling the newborn in the managed plan, so we strongly encourage you to contact your plan as soon as possible after your baby is born. Some plans even deny benefits if the newborn is not enrolled within 30 days of birth. This requirement applies to babies born healthy as well as babies who may need the specialized services of our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Going Home

Prior to discharge, each new mother is requested to attend a discharge class that includes detailed instruction regarding the care of you and your infant. Any specific instructions concerning yours or your baby's care after discharge will be completed by your nurse. Our representative will provide you with an application for a copy of your baby's birth certificate and social security number, which you will need to complete and mail to the appropriate government agencies. Brandon Regional Hospital offers continuing assistance to you and your family following your discharge; your nurse can provide a list of support groups and telephone numbers.