Yes, but we require J1 visas through the ECFMG; we are unable to sponsor an H1 visa.
Yes, our program accepts 20 residents per year. We currently have a mix of international graduates and US graduates.
No, the BRH internal medicine residency is "All-In" for the NRMP match. No pre-match offers will be presented.
Brandon Regional Hospital is a community based hospital. You are taught by our outstanding clinical educators that work and practice in Brandon.
Check back for updated application deadlines.
Brandon Regional Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program accepts on J1 visas through the ECFMG. Your visa and ECFMG certification must be in place prior to the first day of New Intern Orientation. We do not sponsor H1 visas.

We expect our applicants to have a minimum score of 225 on the USMLE Step I and Step II MK on the first attempt. The Clinical Skills exam should be passed prior to submission of the Rank Order List to the NRMP at the end of interview season.

Step III of the USMLE is not required for applicants. Interns are expected to pass the exam after the first year of training.

While we prefer applicants to have passed all their steps in first attempt, we review the entire application.
Applicants with year of graduation within the last two years are preferred but we will consider graduation dates up to 5 years with continued clinical experience.
No, ECFMG certification is not required to apply, but must be received prior to the first day of New Intern Orientation to the program once you have match. We understand that graduation dates occur after interview season.
No, the USMLE Step 3 does not need to be completed until after the internship year. It is required for matriculation from our program.
There is no strict requirement for US clinical experience for international medical graduates, however, it is helpful. Hands-on clinical experience is given a much greater consideration than observerships.
Three to four letters of recommendation are required to apply to our program.
No, research is not required for admission to our program, but the experience is considered favorably. We also consider candidates with prior internships, Mph, MBA's and advanced training favorably.
Fellowships are under consideration for future programs.
We are unable to allow moonlighting in our Graduate Medical Education programs.
Our program does not have any additional requirements. However, applicants with additional qualifications such as MPH, PhD, MBA, publications, research experience are reviewed favorably.
If you meet the above specified requirements, you may be eligible to apply in our program.
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