To provide our patients with quality care through innovation, education and compassionate care.


As a compassionate community hospital, we will be the destination of exceptional care by exceptional people.


HCA Florida Brandon Hospital is dedicated to providing quality, relationship-based care that promotes healing through:

  • Collaboration
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Accountability

HCA Florida Brandon Hospital’s Promise to Our Patients

We Promise:

  • To welcome you warmly by introducing ourselves and our role in your care
  • To honor your cultural values and beliefs
  • To provide you with kind, compassionate care to meet your personal needs
  • To treat you with respect and dignity
  • To provide you with a clean, safe and secure environment
  • To protect your privacy
  • To address your questions and concerns in a timely manner, by taking time to listen
  • To communicate your plan of care and update you to any changes as they occur.

About Your Admission

Your physician has arranged for your admission to HCA Florida Brandon Hospital. Except in emergency situations, we have been advised that you are coming, so we are usually able to take care of many of the details of admission prior to your arrival. The admitting staff will make sure that the hospital has the information necessary to provide you with appropriate care. All hospital records are confidential. Generally, we will assign a specific time for your arrival. Please try to be prompt. This is especially important if you are scheduled for surgery.

Medical Care

Your complete medical care is under the direction and supervision of your physician who is a member of the hospital medical staff. It is your physician who determines what diagnostic tests you will take, whether or not you require x-rays, therapy or medication, and what food you can eat. Hospital nurses, technicians, and other specialists will follow your physician’s directions in providing your program of care.


HCA Florida Brandon Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient care without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or disabilities.

What to Bring

We would suggest you bring a list of medications and doses you are now taking, a robe, slippers, toothbrush, shaving equipment and other personal items. You may also wish to bring a book or magazines. When not in use, dentures, contact lenses and eyeglasses should be placed in protective containers. The hospital is not responsible for loss or damage to these items.

What Not to Bring

Please do not bring jewelry, credit cards, bankcards, more than a few dollars in cash or other valuables. When absolutely necessary, valuables may be deposited for safekeeping in hospital safes. The hospital is not responsible for any personal property. Personal appliances and electrical equipment are not permitted for safety reasons. Battery operated radios may be used, but the hospital is not responsible for damage or loss of such items.

Medications from Home

Please do not bring medications from home to the hospital unless your physician instructs you to do so. All medications will be stored and dispensed at the nursing station.

Consent Forms

We will ask you to sign appropriate consent and release forms that authorize hospital personnel to provide the services your physician has ordered for you.

Identification Bands

You will be required to wear an identification (ID) band during your stay. This helps ensure that you will receive the proper tests and medications. Your ID band will be checked prior to any tests, treatments or medications being given.

Your Accommodations

HCA Florida Brandon Hospital offers semi-private, private and a limited number of small ward accommodations. Private rooms are scheduled and assigned on a medical necessity, then a first-come, first-served basis. Patient rooms include lavatories and showers for your use, subject to your physician’s orders. Each room has individual room temperature controls for your comfort. Your bed is designed for your comfort and safety. You can electrically raise or lower the height of the entire bed or elevate the head or foot. Your nurse will show you how to operate the bedside controls.

Nurse Call System

To call your nurse, use the call button on your TV control. Simply push down the nurse call button. This will turn on the light at the nurses’ station and above your door. There is an emergency nurse-call button on your bathroom wall. If you need help, press it and wait for your nurse.


For local calls, press “9” and wait for the dial tone, then dial the number. Long distance calls may be made by calling the hospital operator “0”. The hospital operator will connect you to the outside operator for you to complete your long distance call. Patients (except those in Critical Care Units and Labor & Delivery) may receive calls between 7:00am - 10:00pm. Family members and friends may reach you by calling the hospital’s main number, 681-5551, and when the line is answered, the recording will prompt you to press “1” if you know your party’s four digit extension. Our staff can provide you with your four digit extension. For patients with partial or total hearing impairment, a phone hand set amplifier or TDD phone and a television closed caption decoder are available upon request.

Food and Nutritional Services

The Food and Nutritional staff is part of the health care team at HCA Florida Brandon Hospital. Nutrition can play an important role in optimizing health, and the department works to ensure that diet modifications or restrictions ordered by your physician are appropriately carried out. If your physician prescribes a special diet for you, a Registered Dietitian is available to provide diet instructions.

The hospital has an “At Your Request” service program to allow patients to select from a larger menu. You can call to order meals between 6:00am - 6:30pm daily at extension 6325 (meal). If you need a menu, please ask your nurse. Physician ordered diet plans must be adhered to, and should your physician change your diet during your hospital stay, it may alter your diet selections. If you have any questions or comments about our menu, diet or services, please do not hesitate to request a visit by a member of the nutritional services staff by calling 6325 (meal).

For patients discharged on special dietary restrictions, we offer both a heart healthy nutrition class and support for diabetics. The heart healthy nutrition class is offered monthly the first Wednesday of the month at no charge and you can register by calling (813) 653-1065. The diabetic diet instruction is part of the outpatient basic and advanced diabetes self management programs and you can register for these programs offered at no charge by calling (888) 327-2636.

Inquiries about You

We believe your health is a personal matter, so diagnostic and other confidential information about you will not be released to others. We urge you to tell your friends and relatives that they should contact a member of your immediate family to inquire about your progress. If you would like to designate an individual to access more specific information about you during your hospital stay, please talk with your nurses.

Mail and Flowers

Mail will be delivered to your room by volunteers every day except Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. Your nurse or a member of the volunteer staff will be happy to mail letters for you. Flowers will be delivered directly to your room by the florist; however, plants and flowers are not permitted in critical care units or isolation rooms.

Hospitalized Children

When a small child is hospitalized, the mother, father or another family member is encouraged to stay with the child. Overnight accommodations may be arranged through your nurse, if space is available.

Private Duty Nurses

The hospital nursing service department will help you obtain a private duty nurse if your physician recommends one. All private duty nurses must be approved by the hospital nursing department. Since private duty nurses are not hospital employees, they or the nurse registry will submit their charges for services directly to you.

Ambulance Services

Your nurse can arrange ambulance service if it is authorized by you or your family. Charges are billed to you by the ambulance service.

Patients with Disabilities, Impairments, or Language Barriers

Access to hospital facilities and services is available to patients with disabilities at all times. Special equipment and communication devices are available upon request for our patients with visual, hearing, speech and physical impairment. In addition, arrangements can be made for verbal or sign language interpreters if needed to communicate between health care providers and the patient and family. Please notify your nurse or physician if any additional accommodations related to your disability or impairment are necessary to make your stay more comfortable.

Patients with Special Cultural, Religious, or Dietary Practices

The hospital staff respects the different beliefs, attitudes and cultural lifestyles of our patients. We request that you let us know any special needs you might have or practices that you follow. The staff will make every effort to accommodate your requests to the extent possible as long as it does not interfere with your treatment.


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