Current salary for the academic year 2017-2018 are:

PGY-1 $50,500
PGY-2 $52,000
PGY-3 $53,500
PGY-4 $55,000
PGY-5 $56,500

Education Stipend

$3,750 per year

  • $1,875 July-Lump sum
  • $1,875 January-Lump sum

Health Insurance

  • Available with a cost share; optional family plan can be purchased.

Dental Coverage

  • Provided with minimal charge.

Basic Life Insurance

  • Provided at no cost; additional amounts may be purchased for resident or family.

Professional Liability Insurance

  • Provided at no cost.

Disability Insurance

  • Special portable anticipated income disability insurance available at nominal cost.

Vacation/Educational Leave

  • 15 days paid vacation. PTO is utilized for vacation and sick days. 5 additional educational days are available and must be preapproved by the Program Director and be in accordance with GME policies and procedures.