Florida Department of Health Nursing Licensure Information


Florida Board of Nursing
Department of Health
Board of Nursing

Post Office Box 6330
Tallahassee, Florida 32314-6330
Phone: (850) 488-0595

Temp License:

  • Fee included in perm
  • Takes 6-8 weeks to process
  • Valid 30-60 days

Perm License:

  • $175
  • Takes 9-10 weeks to process
  • Verification: $25


Verifies original license only. Payment by personal check is suggested, so it can be tracked. RN submits application & money to Tallahassee address. It takes up 3-4 weeks to process & post. Once posted, the application is sent to Jacksonville where it is issued. This will take another 4 weeks. Suggest sending all correspondence by registered mail for tracking purposes. Leave no blanks on application! Make photocopies!