The oak trees are blooming and spring will soon be upon us, although, living in Florida, allergies and chronic sinus conditions are a year-round battle for many.  Brandon Regional Hospital invites you to attend “Allergies and Sinusitis:  Diagnosis and Treatment Options,” a free lecture given by Scott Powell, MD, otolaryngologist (ENT - ear, nose and throat physician), on April 7th, at 6:30 p.m. – Oakfield Medical Plaza, Suite 260.  Join Dr. Powell for this informative discussion which will cover symptoms, diagnosis and treatment conditions for adults.
“Your sinuses are a maze of air-filled cavities located under your cheek bones, between your eyes, behind the nose and above your eyebrows,” explains Dr. Powell.  “The sinuses are lined by mucous membranes that normally produce fluid that drains into the nasal passages and is swallowed throughout the day.  When the drainage sites for the sinuses are blocked, the sinuses cannot drain and could cause an infection.”
Allergies and sinusitis are thought of as two separate health conditions but recent evidence suggests that allergies can predispose a person to developing sinus infections.  “It is important to know the difference between allergy conditions and sinus conditions and work with your physician on proper diagnosis and treatment,” states Dr. Powell.  “In those patients, in which we see the link, we will treat the allergies but we also need to confirm whether the patient suffers from acute sinusitis, chronic sinusitis or recurrent sinusitis.   People do not have to suffer with sinus conditions:  There are many treatment options available and they range from drug therapies to surgery.  Surgery is not like it “used to be.”  Today most surgery is done through minimally invasive techniques, requiring a shorter recovery time.”
For more information on this free event or to register, please call 813-653-1065.
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