Brandon Regional Hospital and Randall Middle School invite you to attend “Pediatric Emergencies:  What Should You Do?  For Adults and Kids,” on March 31st, 6 p.m., at Randall Middle School.  Joey Ancheta, MD, pediatric emergency medicine physician, will discuss the challenges we face as parents in making the decision to take our child to the emergency room.  Dr. Ancheta will also talk to our children about what to do in the event of an emergency – from seeing their friend break their arm to witnessing an adult pass out.  
“I see many parents every year that question whether or not they should have brought their child to the emergency room,” says Dr. Ancheta.  “Many times it is a tough decision and parents struggle with waiting to see the pediatrician or taking the child to the emergency room.  I will address some of the conditions that require emergency medicine expertise and those that may be best approached in the pediatrician’s office, minimizing the fear experienced by the child.”  
Many people read or hear stories of children saving the lives of adults via a phone call to 911.  Parents may wonder if their child was ever placed in that situation, would they know what to do.  “Children can very easily find themselves in the middle of an emergency.  They may be playing with their friend who falls and breaks an arm or they may be home with an adult that passes out.  It is important for the child to know how to handle that emergency situation until help arrives,” states Dr. Ancheta.
Local EMS is also key when it comes to emergencies and will be available to tour the kids through the ambulance and talk to them about emergencies, helping to calm their fears.  “We want children to be introduced to the ambulance and not be afraid of it,” explains Chief Todd Carnell with the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue.  “Knowing that EMS personnel are here to help and having the information about the equipment all around them will help them feel at ease.”
For more information or to register for this event, please call 813-653-1065.
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