Emerging Leaders

Brandon, FL – Brandon Regional Hospital recently congratulated 24 graduates of its new Emerging Leaders Program, an eight month leadership education program developed by Marcia Collyer, Director of Education and Organizational Development, of HCA West Florida Division.

The Brandon Regional Hospital graduates are:

  • Carmen Arnason – Supervisor, Case Management
  • Natasha Bhagwandin-Boodhoo – RN, Cardiology
  • Heather Blackmon - Nuclear Medicine Supervisor, Radiology
  • Monica Boyd - HR Generalist, Human Resources
  • Mildred Caraballo – Physical Therapy Supervisor, Rehab
  • Barbara Castillo – RN, Nursing
  • Nicole Cipriano – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Nursing
  • Olga Clark - Radiology Technician, Radiology
  • Courtney Fabian – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Nursing
  • Joel Feitshans – RN, Cardiology
  • Patricia Figura-Delia – RN, Employee Health
  • Kimberly Gervais – Supervisor, Cardiology
  • Marcella Hewitt – Supervisor, Day Surgery
  • Yolanda Hiddemen - CT Technician, Radiology
  • Laureen Jacobe – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Cardiology
  • Rebecca Jensen – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Nursing
  • Christy Keel – RN, Nursing
  • Carmen Kurceba – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Nursing
  • Rebecca Martinez – RN, Cardiology
  • Lynn Nelson – Supervisor, Lab
  • Christine Overstreet - Case Manager, Case Management
  • Kristi Rothenhush – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Nursing
  • Fred Stevens – RN, Nursing
  • Christy Wilson – Clinical Nurse Coordinator, Nursing

The Emerging Leaders Program identifies high potential current employees within the hospital and invites them to apply for this eight month course which consists of five hours a month of participation with an introduction by the hospital CEO on the hospital’s strategic plan. This is followed by discussion of a wide range of leadership skills including communication, conflict management, diversity, motivation theories, managing change, situational leadership, coaching, team building, quality, service, finance, process improvement and others. The course includes team building and networking, personal assessments and a 360 survey and eight hours of shadowing. The program concludes with a graduation ceremony.

The goal of the Emerging Leaders Program is to retain high performing employees. Statistics show that 20% of employees actually pursue other positions. Ironically these are the specific employees that a company wants to retain. Poor performers are not usually looking for other employment unless their job is in jeopardy.

Ninety percent of the “Best Companies” look to provide employees with the opportunity to develop and practice the skills needed to lead others. Surveys indicate that about half of young employees list “career growth and learning and development” as a reason to stay with a company.

Since replacing talented workers can cost up to four times the annual salary and typical US companies spend 50 times more than a manager’s annual salary on recruitment of managers – HCA and Brandon Regional Hospital are actively pursuing ways to retain key potential talented employees.

Those who are eligible for the program should:

  • Have six months tenure and be in good standing
  • A Minimum of a two year degree
  • Be regarded as a positive role model
  • Have a reputation for taking initiative
  • Adapt well to change
  • Be willing to grow and learn
  • Be a high performer that the company wants to invest in

This program is not applicable for turn-around situations but is actively pursuing the key employee.

The first class, which graduated in May, included 39 HCA employees – 24 from Brandon Regional Hospital and 15 from South Bay Hospital, an HCA sister facility in the West Florida Division.