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Breast Care Coordinator

Breast Care Coordinator

Mary Coram Breast Care Coordinator

“My name is Mary Coram. I am the Breast Care Coordinator at Total Imaging - Parsons and my passion is helping women prevent and fight Breast Cancer. That's why I help women take charge of their breast health. When a patient has a mammogram with us, I will be there to get the results back faster, giving the patient peace of mind. I will help coordinate those next steps of care for any woman where abnormalities are found, whether they have had their mammogram with us or not.”

“Why am I willing to do all this? Well, helping women isn't just my job - it's my passion.

Mary Coram: Breast Care Coordinator, Certified Breast Self Exam Instructor

Mary is one of two certified Breast Self Exam Instructors in Hillsborough County as of July 2008.