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We are excited to announce the launch of our hCare Clinician Portal. The hCare Portal provides a single electronic access point for physicians to view patient information, clinical data, and clinical information systems through a user-friendly, intuitive interface. You can access the hCare Portal via Simplified Remote Access, or hCare Access (VDI) reducing the number of usernames and passwords that you need to remember. Through either of these secure remote solutions you will be able to access your clinical patient data from any internet enabled location.

Results Delivery – hCare Hub Dropbox

HCA West Florida is proud to offer a new, free service to our physician community to improve the delivery of hospital reports from HCA and physician offices in the community.

HCA West Florida and Novo Innovations are revolutionizing healthcare exchange by using an agent based electronic Dropbox, creating the first practical, cost free solution for managing the delivery of hospital reports and ADT Facesheets from hospitals to physician offices.

Watch a demonstration of the hCare Hub Dropbox.

To sign up, contact your Physician Support Coordinator.

Other access

IT Support

Every HCA West Florida Hospital has a Physician Support Coordinator to assist you with:

  • Accessing your patient information while at the hospital or remotely from your office or home.
  • Sign up for Electronic Signature - this allows you to sign your dictated reports from outside of the hospital.

Physician Support Coordinator

Tammy Raz
Tel: (813) 857-1682 | Email

Hospital Referral Services

As a Provisional, Active and Ambulatory member of our medical staff you are eligible to participate in our healthcare referral opportunities. We have several ways we share our medical staff with the general public:

In order to be included in the above mentioned services, you must complete the following:

  • Please indicate your preference on the attached form and sign it (PDF located below)
  • Completely fill out the Consult-A-Nurse profile forms (PDF located below)
  • Email a current photo (contact information in the PDF files).

For any questions and to submit all necessary paperwork and photo, please open the PDF files located below.


HCA CodeReady

logo for HCA Code Ready programHCA CodeReady is a public site for sharing information with employees, physicians, and the community in the event of a major incident or disaster. In the event of a major emergency, information and advisories regarding disaster response or relief efforts affecting any HCA facilities will be posted for employees, staff, and community members as necessary.

For Employment Verification Contact:

Thomas & Thorngren
Office: (615) 242-8246
Fax: (615) 242-5826

Missoin Tree


To provide our patients with quality care through innovation, education and compassionate care.


As a compassionate community hospital, we will be the destination of exceptional care by exceptional people.


Brandon Regional Hospital is dedicated to providing quality, relationship-based care that promotes healing through:

  • Collaboration
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Accountability

Brandon Regional Hospital’s Promise to Our Patients

We Promise:

  • To welcome you warmly by introducing ourselves and our role in your care
  • To honor your cultural values and beliefs
  • To provide you with kind, compassionate care to meet your personal needs
  • To treat you with respect and dignity
  • To provide you with a clean, safe and secure environment
  • To protect your privacy
  • To address your questions and concerns in a timely manner, by taking time to listen
  • To communicate your plan of care and update you to any changes as they occur.