64 Slice CT

Brandon Regional Hospital now offers 64-slice Computed Tomography (CT) services. This technology provides superior image quality, in less time, and enhanced capabilities to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions, including cardiovascular disease.

The new technology allows clinicians to complete exams quickly, while tailoring image quality, anatomic coverage and scan speeds.  The system is the LightSpeed VCT (Volume Computed Tomography) scanner from GE. 

Benefits include:

  • Superior image quality and less motion artifacts
  • Greater vessel visualization and detail
  • Greater diagnostic confidence
  • Faster scans
  • Optimized radiation doses
  • Shorter breathholds for greater patient comfort

The 64-slice CT's compliments and extends the range of quality diagnostic services available at the hospital. For example, a complete coronary angiogram can be acquired within five heartbeats. Other studies that can be performed more efficiently with this system include neurology oncology, trauma and angiography.

Originally developed in the 1970s, CT scans combine the power of x-ray technology and computers, allowing physicians the ability to view thin cross-sections of the internal anatomy without the need for exploratory surgery. Sometimes called "CAT" scans, CT scans have been performed safely and successfully for almost 30 years.