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New Procedure to Diagnose Lung Lesions Available

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May 27, 2011

Brandon, FL – Brandon Regional Hospital now offers Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy, a scope that uses GPS-like technology to locate, biopsy and prepare to treat a lesion in the lung -  offering patients a renewed hope in the prevention and early detection of cancer.

Brandon Regional is the first hospital in Hillsborough County to provide the superDimension® i•LogicSystem as an option for patients who have learned they have a hard-to-reach lesion on their lung. Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy (ENB) combines GPS-like technology with a catheter-based system that uses the patient’s natural airways to access lesions that were previously hard to reach.  Physicians can now easily biopsy legions and place markers for planned treatment.  Typically, a patient with a spot on their lung had the options of major surgery to remove a section of the lung, bronchoscopy (which does not reach lesions deep in the lung), needle biopsy, or watchful waiting.

“ENB is a revolutionary piece of technology in the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of lung lesions,” comments Dragos Zanchi, MD pulmonologist.  “Not only does it allow us to biopsy a lesion less invasively and more timely, but it allows us to easily place markers in lesions that will require treatment with such tools as CyberKnife - a non-invasive treatment method for cancerous and non-cancerous tumors that deliver concentrated doses of radiation to the legions minimizing the effects of damage to surrounding tissues and organs.”

The ENB procedure is typically performed in an outpatient setting and its unique approach may increase the chances that a patient will safely get a diagnosis and begin treatment, if needed.

To learn more about lung disease, detection, and options for diagnosing a lesion in the lung visit:  www.spotonyourlung.com,  www.superdimension.com or  www.brandonregionalhospital.com.  

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