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Brandon Regional Hospital Recognizes Its Own Everyday Heroes

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July 02, 2012

everyday heroesBrandon, FL – Brandon Regional Hospital announces that it recently recognized the efforts of its very own “everyday heroes” who performed “above and beyond” on June 8, 2012. Roger Fournier, Safety Manager at Brandon Regional Hospital, reported that “there was more than a little excitement in the south parking garage this morning.” Earlier in the morning a visitor that was parked on the first ramp of the south parking garage went to her car and started it. There was a large pop and the vehicle caught on fire. Fortunately, it was at the time of security’s shift change and security officers were near the area. With fire extinguishers officers Cpl. Reuben Martin and Officer Brian Timmons ran to contain the fire. The hospital’s PBX operator was called and alerted Hillsborough County Fire & Rescue. When HCFR arrived they were able to foam the vehicle and get the fire under control quickly.

Other officers performed duties seamlessly by blocking off traffic from Parson’s and Vanderburgh Drive. Other employees also assisted:  Deb Gilkinson helped at Tower A entrance keeping people from going out and Jacinda Nguyen helped people inside. Officers involved in the incident were:  Sgt. Jesus Rios, Sgt. George Burton, Cpl. Reuben Martin, Officer Mike Cellamare, Officer Brian Timmons, Officer Robert Monaghan and Officer Gary Keller. Without their quick response and efforts, the situation could have easily been more severe.  Bland Eng, CEO of Brandon Regional Hospital, acknowledged everyone’s assistance with a recognition ceremony at the hospital

Photo:  Bland Eng, CEO of Brandon Regional Hospital, honors everyday heroes:  Left to right, Brand Eng, Gary Keller, Mike Cellamare, Deb Gilkinson, George Burton, Robert Monaghan. Second row left to right:  Reuben Martin, David Park, and Brian Timmons.  Not pictured: Jesus Rios and Jacinda Nguyen.