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Brandon Regional Hospital Announces the “Heart Murmur & Valve Program”

Marketing & Public Relations Contact:
Regina Pointer
(813) 571-5105

May 22, 2012

Brandon, Florida – Brandon Regional Hospital announces the establishment of its Heart Murmur & Valve Program located on the campus of Brandon Regional Hospital, 119 Oakfield Drive, Brandon, Florida 33511.

The Heart Murmur & Valve Program is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of heart murmur and valve conditions. Many times, valve conditions will be noticed through a heart murmur discovered by the primary care physician. Together, with primary care physicians, a cardiologist and a cardiac valve surgeon evaluates, diagnoses and develops a treatment plan for valve conditions. The Heart Murmur & Valve Program at Brandon Regional Hospital offers valve conferences where all interested physicians can collaboratively review the patient’s case and decide on the best plan for treatment or ongoing follow-up. The program offers access to, and  evaluates the patient for eligibility for the latest minimally invasive procedures. If surgery is necessary, patients can take heart they are being cared for at a nationally ranked cardiothoracic surgery program with specific recognition by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Hospitals, the only program to achieve this recognition to date in Hillsborough County.

For more information, for a free assessment or to schedule an appointment call 855-MUR-MUR1 or 855-687-6871.

What is a heart murmur?

A heart murmur is an extra or unusual sound heard during the heartbeat. Murmurs range from very faint to very loud. Sometimes they sound like a whooshing or swishing noise. Doctors can hear these sounds and heart murmurs using a stethoscope. Most murmurs are innocent or do not put you at risk for deterioration of your cardiac health. However, some murmurs warrant additional and regular follow-up to prevent further deterioration to your health. Our Valve Program Coordinator, working with you and your physician, can help you find out your risk.