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Brandon Regional Hospital Acquires State-of-the-Art Sinus Surgery Instrument

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July 09, 2012

Brandon, Florida – Brandon Regional Hospital has recently acquired a state-of-the-art surgical scope known “Cyclops.” This new technology takes minimally invasive sinus surgery to a new level. Minimally invasive surgery refers to procedures performed with miniature instruments which are inserted into the body through tiny incisions or openings, such as the nasal passage. One of the instruments inserted during minimally invasive surgery is a tiny camera and light in order to project onto a monitor, magnified images of the organs and tissues that are to be removed or repaired.

Cyclops is a newly developed miniature scope that takes its name from the eyeball-shaped, tiny sapphire lens at its flexible tip. The common endoscope is limited to a fixed viewing angle. Cyclops offers unlimited angles from 10 to 90 degrees and rotates around its axis allowing a full range of views. The light post can also be oriented as desired to accommodate the preferred grip. The Cyclops Multi-angle Endoscope is intended to provide an endoscopic means to view the nasal cavity and nasal pharynx.

Brandon Regional Hospital ear, nose, and throat surgeons use Cyclops in performing balloon Sinuplasty, which involves inserting a balloon catheter through the tiny scope, into blocked sinuses. The balloons are then inflated to enlarge the openings, allowing the cavities to better drain. This gentle restructuring of the cavity openings is much less invasive than traditional sinus surgery that requires the cutting away of bone or tissue. Patients experience reduced bleeding, scarring, and pain, and recover much quicker.

“This innovative scope gives us every view imaginable of the sinus anatomy,” says Brandon Regional Hospital ear, nose and throat surgeon Scott Powell, MD. “Prior to having the Cyclops we might have to insert three or four different scopes to get all the different views that this one instrument provides. It’s much simpler to handle, provides us better images and can significantly shorten the time of the procedure.”

To learn more about Cyclops and see how it works, go to www.Acclarent.com/solutions/products/acclarent-cyclops-endoscope.